Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Ms. LLona Richards

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Ms.Veronica Oretga

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Ms. Ines Cano

Facilities in Belmopan

Western Regional Mental Hospital

Acute Psychiatric Unit

Palm Center Mental Hospital

Western Regional Mental Health Clinic Out patient

  • Mental health assessments, evaluations, treatment and management done routinely for new, revisits and walk-in’s clients.
  • Very active consumer group comprises of clients with mental illness who a partly managed by members from the group and the social worker.
  • Outreach mental health services mobile clinics and home visit done on Thursdays once a month.
  • Dr. Yudenia Marin, has schedule appointment with clients on Fridays once a month.
  • Outreach mental health services done with hospital staff, various organizations, departments and schools.

Acute Psychiatric Unit

  • Clients are admitted to the unit for approximately 1-3 months. The 4 bed compacity unit is created to isolate clients who need treatment for psychotic behaviours, who are a threat to themselves and others. Clients may require various types of restraints chemical or physical, medication sedation and observation to achieve recovery. Clients are managed by Nurses/PNP and psychiatrist ensure that they are able to maintain a daily routine of adequate sleeping hygiene, eating healthy and meeting basic hygienic needs.
  • Referral are done to Palm Centre if necessary.

Palm Centre- Mental Hospital

  • Palm Centre is a community residential facility where clients were house with chronic mental disorder. Most of the clients from Rockview to Palm Centre in the long-term care facility. Clients are referred from APU, to help ensure clients are able to live in a less restrictive environment until stabilized.

Location of the facilities in Belmopan

Western Regional Mental Health Clinic Floriana Avenue, Belmopan Phone # 822- 2263

Acute Psychiatric Unit Floriana Ave, Belmopan Phone # 822-2263

Palm View Center Maya Mopan, Belmopan Phone # 820- 2790