Corozal Mental Health Psychiatrist

Ms. Yoveinis Mojena

Facility- Corozal Mental Health Clinic- PNP Office

Services offered at Corozal Mental Health Clinic

• Routine monthly session with the Psychiatrist Ms. Yoveinis Mojena which includes counselling sessions, diagnosis and treatment if necessary
• Mobile visits to various villages, home visits and street visit- homeless clients are located and given treatment monthly.
• Outreach programs which includes teaching sessions at the high school and primary school level.
• Training sessions with Police department and Teachers from various levels. The mental health team offers services to the domestic violence unit within the Police department.
• In-service training session with staff at the hospital.
• Collaboratively work with social worker (Mr. Requena)/ Human service department/ NDACC and Jacobs Farm the rehabilitation center.
• Health fairs for the community
• All the client’s information is placed on the Belize Health Information System (BHIS).

Location of Corozal Mental Health Clinic

Corozal Community Hospital
San Antonio Rd,
Santa Rita
Corozal Town
Phone # 422-3909 or 422-2076 (ambulance)